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7 Tips to Keep Your Car Safe From Vandalism

Auto insurance coverage is available for common vehicle vandalism such as keyed paint, broken glass from smash and grabs, and more. Get covered by AmeriSent Insurance serving Las Vegas, NV. To help prevent such vandalism from happening in the first place, use the following tips.

 Keeping Your Car Safe From Vandalism

1. Park Under Lights

Instead of prioritizing parking near the front doors, look for empty spots under parking lot lights, where vandals are less likely to target vehicles.

2. Park Only in Designated Areas

Avoid parking on the street or in off-road areas. Park only in official parking areas where there are other vehicles.

3. Park Next to Other Cars

Avoid parking in isolated areas of parking lots. Instead, choose spots next to or near other vehicles so your car doesn’t stand out.

4. Invest in Secure Parking Facilities

When you have a choice, opt to pay for secured parking facilities where there are gates and parking fees. These facilities also typically have security cameras, which deter vandalism.

5. Join or Start a Neighborhood Watch

If your home is in an area plagued with vandalism, join or start a Neighborhood Watch program so vandals know that neighbors are vigilant.

6. Use Window Tint

Apply anti-vandalism film or after-market window tint on your car windows. In Nevada, the maximum light transmittance value is 35% for the driver and passenger windows, which is enough to act as a deterrent in case of an attempted smash-and-grab.

7. Remove Valuable Items From Sight

Don’t leave valuable items visible inside your car, as they can attract the attention of potential vandals. Store valuables in the trunk or take them with you to reduce the temptation for opportunistic smash-and-grab vandalism.

We Are Here To Help

You don’t have to be a victim of vehicle vandalism. For help with your vehicle vandalism claim, contact your insurance representative at AmeriSent Insurance serving the Las Vegas, NV metroplex.

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